Chloe Bailey was hyping her latest single “Treat Me” and had fans highly anticipating the music video. The promotion included twerking TikTok that transitioned into her wearing a bold red dress with front cutouts that showed off her curves.

The young woman has caught her followers attention and when the music video dropped, the comments rapidly came through in response. We see Chloe Bailey in a  two-and-a-half minute video that is a jaw dropping visual piece with different backdrops. In one frame, the celeb delivers an elaborate dance routine while wearing a leather outfit. In another, she is diving into a pool of sizzling oil. One more shows her grinding on a conference room table.

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Sitting at over 600,000 in only 11 hours, the video has received feedback from both ends of the spectrum.

Some social media users praise the songstress for her wide range of talents and seductive approach. Others feel that Chloe has become too sexualized and the song is mid.

One user wrote on Twitter, “Chloe is making POP music. And it’s solid as hell. Had Ariana or Katy dropped “Treat Me” y’all would be eating it up. Black girls don’t have to always sing the blues. Let Chloe be great! I like the record.”

Another argued, “Chloe’s music is trash. y’all be lying about the music cuz you like someone’s personality or cuz they are a pretty lightskin.”

Check out some of the reactions from social media down below. What were your feelings about the visual?