Chris Brown Crowns Himself New King Of Pop?

chris brown michael jackson
Chris Brown – Michael Jackson

The comparisons of Chris Brown to Michael Jackson has been going on for years. Michael Jackson burst onto the scene as a young child prodigy in the late 60’s and grew to become what many consider to be the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen.

Chris Brown was also a young prodigy that danced his way into the hearts of people worldwide. Brown has also made it be known that Michael Jackson was his biggest inspiration. Brown has paid tribute to Michael Jackson in the past on platforms such as BET with a special rendition of the classic Thriller.

Chris Brown stated the performance above is his favorite because Michael Jackson was there to see it. In the interview below, a revelation was made that Chris Brown always wanted to be known for being Chris Brown and not Michael Jackson. The comparisons have continued up until this day with celebrities such as Justin Bieber making the connection recently.

Chris Brown

This interview above took place a few years ago. Now, Chris Brown may have finally accepted his role as the heir apparent to Michael Jackson with a new post he made on Instagram.

“Learn from the greatness in a person, then learn from the greatness in you!”

Chris Brown
Chris Brown – Michael Jackson Instagram

Brown posted the above image of the late great Michael Jackson with a crown indicating his position as “King Of Pop”. Brown sits in a chair and awaits the crown sitting on his head from Michael Jackson signaling the passing of the torch.

For the younger audience who may not grasp this accolade of being King Of Pop would need to realize how Michael Jackson changed pop culture in the 1980’s when he broke away from his legendary Jackson 5 group to make immortal moments in music history such as Motown 25. That television event saw the debut of his “Moonwalk” dance move that captured the attention of fans worldwide. Michael Jackson is this week’s #ThursdayThrowback Moment.