Earlier this year, a police report was filed against Chris Brown accusing him of assaulting a woman. The alleged victim claimed that the singer attacked him at his home in San Fernando Valley in June. In the police report, she claimed that the singer hit her in the back of the head so hard that “her weave came off.”

While Breezy was listed as a suspect in the battery case, prosecutors have reportedly declined to file charges against him. Per TMZ, the L.A. City Attorney’s Office has decided that they will not pursue legal action against the singer due to insufficient evidence. The tabloid publication said the alleged victim didn’t suffer any injuries from the assault, besides the weave being taken off of her head. Chris Brown was never arrested for the incident, either.

Though this legal situation is now old news, the rapper is facing a new lawsuit related to his single, “No Guidance” ft. Drake. Drum’n Skillz claimed the collaborators ripped off their song, “I Love Your Dress” for the 2019 hit record. Drum’n Skillz, consisting of Mr. Cooper and Timothy Valentine, said aspects of “No Guidance” (including the “She got it/ She got it,” lyrics) derived from their record, “I Love Your Dress.” Mr. Cooper also boldly claimed that Drake and Chris Brown were taunting him with the lyrics, “flew the coop.”