Chris Brown On Michael Jackson Comparisons: “He’s Lightyears Ahead”

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Chris Brown has been compared to the “King Of Pop” by many in recent years, but the singer addressed the topic by shutting down the long-standing internet debate on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood.”

There will always be comparison by music fans with stars of yesteryear against stars of the modern day era. So it comes as no surprise that some people will state that R&B star Chris Brown is better than the late Michael Jackson, while others will wholeheartedly disagree. Chris Brown has now stepped into the conversation with his take on the debate on when he appeared on Big Boy’s Neighborhood earlier this week.

NFL star Ryan Clark had recently stated that Chris Brown had more talent than Michael Jackson.

“You getting a lot of people, man – and you’ve always given it to Michael Jackson – but now you’re getting people where they say, man, ‘Chris is better than,'” the host began before asking the “With You” singer what he thinks about all the online discourse.chris brown michael jackson“My personal take on it is that I wouldn’t be breathing or be able to sing a song if that man didn’t exist,” Brown shared. “I don’t know if they look at it as a [Michael] Jordan and Kobe [Bryant] thing, but I can’t even look at it. He’s lightyears ahead.”The Virginia native declared of Jackson, “There is no competing with him!”


Chris Brown has been working hard in getting prepared for his next big project. It was also revealed in the interview that he has recorded over 200 songs for his soon-to-be-released Breezy album, though the tracklist was whittled down to just 23 titles.



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