Chris Brown Open To A “Verzuz” With Usher & Drake Option

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Chris Brown revealed his thoughts on Verzuz and what he believes would be great for fans in terms of challengers for himself.

Verzuz TV platform has given fans an outlet of seeing artists celebrating their catalogs against each other. The participants have included the late DMX, Snoop, and most recently Mario and Omarion. The event always receives hashtags and social media commentary from fans and artists. One of the biggest artists people want to see on the series is Chris Brown.

During the latest episode of Drink Champs, Chris Brown was the guest and he got asked about how he’d feel about stepping into the Verzuz ring. “They want me to do it with Usher,” the Virginia native told the hosts, “It only makes sense, but it’s got to make more sense.” The musician went on to say that he would want both him and Usher to be celebrated equally in the event of a battle.

“I can’t act like he ain’t a pioneer as well– that’s Usher,” he stated. He continued by adding that it would be something the fans would enjoy, but he has too many songs to choose from.

Another huge artist that people have speculated would be great on Verzuz has been Drake. Breezy discussed the possibility of Drake on the platform. “That would be a formidable champ,” Breezy admitted, “but you gotta think, when we go back to genres, you know what the consensus was? ’Nah, they don’t do the same music.'”