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Chris Brown Posts Info Against His Accuser Online

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The audio messages shared by Chris Brown seemingly cast doubt on his alleged rape accuser’s story.

Chris Brown is fighting back against a woman who is accusing him of rape, sharing her alleged audio messages, which show her asking to “f*ck with [him]” again and desperately trying to meet up with the singer.Text messages between the singer and accuser has appeared online. Chris that he gave her “the best d*ck [she’s] ever had”, the Virginia-based recording artist shared audio messages that were allegedly sent from his rape accuser, in which we can hear her asking about the next time she will see him.

According to Radar, Doe began sending Brown racy texts and nudes almost immediately after the alleged rape. The text messages reveal Brown responding to Doe’s explicit photos early on the morning of December 31, stating that she “should take a plan b.” After she agreed, Brown stopped answering her texts.

Law enforcement provided numerous text messages which start after the night of the alleged rape, until August 26. The text messages reveal that Doe had moved to Los Angeles shortly after her incident with Brown, and tried numerous times to see him again.

“U were honestly the best **** I’ve had lol i just want it again,” she texted Brown nearly seven months after the night in Miami.

In one of their exchanges, Doe asks Brown if he has any “E,” stating she “didn’t get to take it last time” the two were together. Brown responded, “Nah, they was my homies. I don’t be getting lit unless my homies got it.”

“You’re giving me mixed signals,” she says in the message. “You’re reading my messages and stuff but you haven’t replied to me so I guess you don’t hate me… I just wanna see you again. I mean, just answer the phone. You just hung up… Like, just let me know. If you want me to leave you alone, I definitely will. But I really just wanna f*ck with you again.”The audio recording was shared to Chris’ Instagram Stories so it’s clear that he wants his entire fanbase to know about the strange predicament he’s currently in. The singer also shared a message with his fans, saying, “No more dragging me through the mud. CLEARLY YOU CAN ALL SEE THE [CAP]. Now let’s see if the media will keep that same energy they had trying to destroy me, to Run the real story. Me and my team are taking legal action on this situation. You don’t play with people lives like that.”