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Chris Brown Trends After Tory Lanez Album Drops

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Tory Lanez has been buzzing on social media after dropping a new album, entitled “Daystar”. The Toronto artist finally break down his thoughts on the whole Megan Thee Stallion shooting ordeal. The reactions to the way Lanez approached the subject matter in terms of releasing a song instead of jumping on Instagram live had various opinions by fans.

Chris Brown ended up trending and it had to do with fans comparing Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion’s fallout with his and Rihanna. This trending also occurred weeks ago when the incident just happened and Brown made it clear that he has no reason to be talked about for what happened between Lanez and Megan.

This hasn’t stopped Twitter users from having another comparison after Lanez dropped his single about Megan Thee Stallion. Check out the reactions below.