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Chrisean Rock Says She’s Getting Married & Bought A Dress


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Rapper Blueface has already publicly admitted to not wanting be in a relationship that involves marriage.

However his partner, Chrisean Rock, has made headlines after she visited Anita’s Bridal Boutique in downtown Los Angeles to purchase a wedding dress and said she’s getting married tomorrow (Friday, January 27). Despite hip hop fans knowing where Blueface stands with marriage, eyewitnesses said that Rock was serious about tying the knot.

Furthermore, onlookers spotted the social media star yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon at Anita’s. Apparently, Rock told staffers that she needed the perfect gown for Friday. According to TMZ sources, she walked around before spotting a dress on a mannequin that called out to her.

Moreover, sources claimed that she tried the dress on one time, asked for no further alterations, and completed a down payment as Anita’s prices specifically range from $3.5K to $7K.


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Also, Rock recently announced that she is pregnant, a claim that Blueface believes has nothing to do with him. The two were recently on Jason Lee’s podcast and Blueface revealed he wasn’t into marriage, but Chrisean definitely had a different opinion. However, Rock didn’t specify who she was marrying, according to sources.