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Christine Roache-Hagley Speaks On Her Book – Brooklyn Tea Talk

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Women’s History Month continues with author Christine Roache-Hagley with Brooklyn Tea Talk. The writer behind Unique Diamond Cut gives an exclusive interview about overcoming odds to live out your dreams.


She became a writer despite growing up with a learning disability, in addition to the trauma from the emotional and physical abuse carried out by her own mother and family members. She explains that the hands that were supposed to protect her as a child were the same hands responsible for her suffering, hurt and pain.

The writer explains, “I had such anger and hate toward my mother for everything she did to me. My life was complex from day one. My pain fuelled my rage, and my rage came out in fights. If I wasn’t in a fight, I was starting one. Programs and counselling never helped me because I wasn’t ready to heal. I did what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. Being exposed to the justice system at a young age, I saw the police in my home way too often.”


Roach-Hagley had many questions as a little girl growing up, “How could a mother do something like this to her own child and not care? My father was a case by himself. Where was he anyway? A caged bird is how I used to describe myself but ironically, at other times, I felt like a superhero for my brothers and sisters. Maybe it was all the chores I had to do that made me feel invincible. But still, I was a confused child, and feelings of doubt and neglect often plagued my mind. That said, if there was one thing I knew for certain, it was the fact that I would never be like my mother. I may have been a product of my mother, but who she was didn’t make me who I am today. And it never could”.