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Chromazz & Director X Announce Robyn Hood TV Series



Director X and Chromazz announce a new series that will be hitting television in Canada entitled Robyn Hood.

On Keep6ixSolid clubhouse broadcast, Toronto artists were socializing and Chromazz had asked the iconic Toronto video producer icon, Director X, to spill the beans about his new series that will be streaming on Roku.

Taking in the moment to reveal what is coming down the pipe, X stated “Chromazz is one of the bad guys” in the show. The show will have all Canadian actors and will keep it Cancon. The acclaimed director told listeners that  “We shot it all summer” and “we are in editing.”

Hamilton was the backdrop for the visuals and studio scenes were shot in Pickering according to Director X. He promised everyone that Chromazz will be “everyone’s favorite.”  Fans can check out the show when it debuts on Global television.