Chuck D Takes Out Full Page Ad In The NY Times Demanding Trump Leave Office

LEGENDS & ICONS - Article By Kevin Douglas

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President Donald Trump is in the process of contesting the elections. According to reports, the Trump campaign on Thursday won a case attempting to disqualify a small number of mail-in ballots for first-time Pennsylvania voters who were unable to confirm their identification by Nov. 9.

Rap legend who is known for his political acumen in hip hop, Chuck D, has signed an advert that appeared in the New York Times. He is teamed with Alyssa Milano in requesting that the U.S. President Donald Trump to remove himself immediately after it was announced by the media that Joe Biden was now the President-Elect.

A few other celebrities are echoing the voice of Chuck D by wanting the immediate deletion of Trump in the White House by taking out a full page newspaper advertisement, calling on Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence to leave office “now.”

Director Lilly Wachowski, NOFX frontman Fat Mike and philosopher Noam Chomsky also signed the plea, which links to a website called RefuseFascism.org.

“In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America,” the message on the page reads. “The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!”

Citing Trump’s controversial actions in office, it continues: “There can be: no more children torn from parents and locked in cages, no more fire and fury from the mouth of a demented bully with his finger on the nuclear trigger, no more mass COVID death from science-hating lunacy no more “law and order” of official terror by bullets, batons, and tear gas.”

Trump is being accused of trying to overturn the loss with the help of legal activities in different courts across the country. The celebrities are also stating that his supporters, dubbed “thugs”, of bringing “fascist politics” to America’s streets and institutions.