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Chuck D Talks With CNN About Trump & Public Enemy’s ‘State Of The Union’

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Public Enemy reunited last month amid the uprisings happening across the world for social justice. Chuck D has a history of taking on the system with his lethal lyrics and it was a sight to see Public Enemy collaborating with the likes of Nas,  Questlove, YG, Black Thought, Rapsody and Enemy Radio’s Jahi at the BET Awards.

Chuck appeared on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time segment with host Chris Cuomo and talked about the DJ Premier-assisted song.

Chuck insisted it was time for Trump to vacate the office, or as he put it, “Nixonize” him.

“We’re saying go back to your casinos, your buildings, your fake reality shows — go back to the USFL,” he said. “You just don’t need to be president … You have to be a fool not to see this ridiculousness going on right now and the song answers to that.

“You gotta Nixonize him,” he said. “I say nix him now. N-I-X-H-I-M-N-O-W. I happen to be old enough to remember that there was so much foolishness done by a president that he had to walk away and they forced him to walk away. It’s like you created too much havoc and BS. ”

As Chuck continued, he explained Trump is simply “not playing by the rules” and admitted the lyrics to “State Of The Union” could be considered disrespectful — but it’s fair game at this point.

“The song that I wrote, it has inappropriate language but in context, it’s appropriate for the dude that’s been inappropriate as president,” he said. “Simple as that. Music can make that change.”