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CineFAM a Haitian-Creole word meaning ‘films by women’ Introduces THE WOMEN OF COLOUR CONTENT CREATOR DATABASE


TORONTO, November 30, 2021- CineFAM announces its new initiative, a Women of Colour (WOC) Content Creator Database. This important database will be to be found on CineFAM’s website.  CineFAM, is a Canadian not for profit initiative, founded by award winning filmmaker and Academy member Frances Anne Solomon.  Launched in 2016, the CineFAM Initiative aims to build capacity and viability for women creators of colour and provide multiple platforms for this work to be shown. CineFAM works within the media industry to reduce systemic discrimination against gender and race through the promotion of women of Colour filmmakers.   

The goal of the WOC content creators database will be to enhance the visibility of women of Colour in the film industry (directors, content creators, producers, screenplay writers, animators, motion design, etc.) in hopes of widening their networks and accessibility to larger resources.  A path CineFAM has been on for the past five years. The database will consist of an abundance of Women of Colour Filmmakers and creators within the film industry. 


The WOC content creators database will be launching soon and CineFAM wants to feature as many creators as possible.  If you identify as a WOC filmmaker or creator (director, videographer, screenplay writer, actress etc.) you are encouraged to fill out the following application, or if you know of someone who would benefit from this initiative, please forward them the details and application form.   


 “This database is a step forward for WOC filmmakers’ voices to be heard and their work to be seen.  CineFAM’s mission is to promote and broaden the visibility of women of colour in the film industry and provide paths to a larger network, we look forward to welcoming as many new filmmakers as possible.”    Frances Anne Solomon

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