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CN Tower in Toronto Caught Fireball Like object AKA Meteor In Sky

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TORONTO — A meteor travelling an estimated 100,000 kilometers an hour is believed to have fallen into the earth’s atmosphere on Wednesday afternoon, resulting in multiple reports of a bright flash of light above Toronto and some streaks of fire in the sky across southern Ontario.

Around noon, a number of GTA residents reported seeing a fireball trail across the sky while others said they saw a large flash of nearly blinding light.

A camera on the CN Tower captured a split-second view of the flash of light across the Toronto skyline.

According to Dr. Denis Vida, a postdoctoral associate with the University of Western Ontario in their physics and astronomy department, a basket-ball sized meteor is believed to have entered the earth’s atmosphere at a 45-degree angle about 50 kilometers north of Syracuse, New York.

“We’re still waiting for the data to come in, but we think that the rough size of the object was probably in the order of 10 centimeters. And there’s still a lot of uncertainty.”


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