“CockRoach” Sets Record Straight About Cosby & Martin Shows

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Carl Anthony Payne aka Cockroach

Carl Payne hit the Hollywood scene in the larger than life era of the 1980’s with The Cosby Show and later in the 1990’s on Martin. As Bill Cosby was the ratings king and his show was setting a new outlook of African American life, there was issues on set that was rarely publicized.

Payne revealed in an interview with Comedy Hype, that he originally planned for the role of Theodore Huxtable which ended up going to Malcom Jamal Warner. He also explained how Jaleel White who later became famous for another popular 80’s character, “Urkel”, was the original Rudy and Sheryl Lee Ralph auditioned for the character of Claire Huxtable.

Although he didn’t get the role of Theo, he stated how Bill Cosby explained to him that he didn’t get the position not due to his skills, but down to business reasons in terms of aesthetics for the show’s family.

After watching the show become hugely popular, Payne kept on auditioning for different roles on the program until he was chosen for the friend of Theo Huxtable. He became the lovable “Cockroach” that was always by Theo’s side. Ironically, Payne portrayed the real life friend of Cosby’s son.

Payne gets asked the obvious question about Cosby’s fall from grace. He explains that Cosby was a talent man, but also complicated. He let it be known that he wasn’t always the nicest man, but he also stated he never saw any wrongdoings on the set.

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Carl Payne also talked about the other all time great comedy series he was apart of. Martin hit the air in the 1990’s and was a contrast to the Cosby show. Just as he encountered disappointment auditioning for a desired role on Cosby, he faced the same situation on Martin. He originally wanted the role of Tommy. He spoke about how the Martin tv show ran the 90’s.

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Carl Payne about Martin TV Show

Carl Payne also spoke about the passing of Tommy Ford and stated how he was there. This is where the interview gets very emotional and Payne breaks down in tears.

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