Coi Leray Appears To Have Split From Pressa Relationship

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The hip hop couple of Coi Leray and Pressa may reached its conclusion after a cryptic post on Twitter was seen by Leray’s followers.

After being romantically involved in the last year, it appears that Coi Leray and Pressa are no longer an item. During what seemed to be a rant on Twitter, Coi Leray made reference to her relationship which garnered a reaction that left fans thinking she announce her breakup with Toronto rapper Pressa in a now deleted tweet, simply writing, “Single.”

It didn’t appear to be about any new music as she followed up the tweet by saying, “If your n***a lets you go to sleep mad every night, you need a new n***a.” The post can still be seen on Coi’s feed. The two hip hop artists were seen as inseparable in the last year after appearing together in the music video “Attachments” in a collaboration.

Pressa and Coi Leray became more involved as the two started spending more time in Pressa’s home country ofย  Canada. Fans of the artists were just as much infatuated with the hip hop couple as the two were with each other.ย  They would start appearing in each other’s social media feeds and fans would comment on their relationship bringing more attention to each hip hop artist. The two rappers are born only one day apart, making them both Taurus.



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Pressa was seen at award shows on the red carpet with Coi Leray and the two showed their affection for each other in public. So it may not be a surprise that Coi Leray has also made their relationship conclusion made public as well.Recently, some astute fans were noticing that Pressa hasn’t been appearing in Coi’s social media videos as he once did months ago. However, during an interview with The Breakfast Club, Pressa stated that he was still with Coi Leray. He also spoke about his neighborhood of Jane and Finch in Toronto and how he transitioned to living in the United States.



Pressa was also recently interviewed by hip hop personality, DJ Akademiks, in a lengthy hour plus program. Check out the interview below.