Coi Leray was making noise a few months ago when she collaborated with iconic hip hop artists such as Nicki Minaj. However, the rapper now believes she has been getting a lack of attention from blogs in recent weeks. She let it all out with her frustration in a series of tweets to her followers. Although Coi Leray didn’t exactly point fingers directly at anyone, some of her fans took it upon themselves to investigate that the issue may stem from some comments by Nicki Minaj. The two collaborated on “Blicky” and Minaj even made an appearance in the music video.coi lerayThe hit single “Super Freaky Girl” received a remix that featured Akbar V, Katie Got Bandz, JT, Maliibu Miitch, and Bia. Nicki Minaj suggested there was some dissent with a few of the newer ladies in the game who were upset about the line-up. Apparently, there were some women who believed they should have received a spot on the “Queen Mix,” and Minaj called them “entitled” for feeling as if they deserved a feature.

This caused her Barbz to unleash online once again, and they immediately attacked Coi Leray. Amid the social media chaos, Leray returned with an update.


“Don’t come over here looking for problems,” she said. “The world got plenty of them already so let’s promote positivity as much as we can.” She added: “What’s in the dark always comes to light! Stay prayed up! Stay focused !!… Paying blogs not to post me is sad… Hurt people hurt people.”

As stated above, Coi Leray did not give any names in regards to who she was referring to, but it appears to be something according to her regarding politics amongst the women of rap.