Coi Leray Gets “Verse Of The Year” From Nicki Minaj Says Rapper

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Nicki Minaj promises the hip hop world something special with her new collaboration with Coi Leray.

Nicki Minaj is in full creative mode as she prepares to release another album later this year. The rap star has already released two huge songs so far in 2022, both of which feature Lil Baby. Now she is reaching out to the next generation of female rappers by doing a collaboration with Coi Leray. The new single with Coi Leray will be dropping this week Friday.
Benzino spoiled the surprise as rumors started circulating that Nicki and Coi Leray working together. He later apologized, which made it seem like his claim that a collaboration existed might not be true. Nicki later denied that the song existed. Ultimately, it seems like Coi and Nicki just wanted to have a solid rollout.

Nicki’s continued to hype up the collaboration on Twitter earlier today. After teasing a few bars on the record, she confidently declared that she has the “verse of the year” on the upcoming release. Last week, Nicki shouted out Coi during her interview with Joe Budden, talking about the artist’s “trendsetter” status.

“Incoming… Verse of the year is LOADING,” she tweeted. “Lemme show you sum rq”

One fan quickly noted how Nicki isn’t the type to ever hype up her own verses and collaborations. Nicki hinted that it’s also a verse that showcases her high technical prowess as an MC. “And no you won’t be able to learn the verse right away so don’t try. Breath control. Breathe. Meditate. Diction exercises. Do that for the next 4 days. Then maybe,” she added.