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Coming 2 America – WorldWide Unplugged Podcast EP7

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coming 2 america

The 7th installment of WorldWide Unplugged Podcast takes a look at Coming 2 America and the generational reactions to the cult classic franchise.

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall vowed not to make a sequel to the classic 1988 film “Coming 2 America”. However, the movie becoming such a cultural phenomenon decades after its release made Eddie Murphy change his mind on giving people a remake.

The success of black films in recent years with movies like Black Panther which was situated in places like Wakanda, maybe it was too hard to pass on recreating Coming To America with its African background. This however, would create a tremendous expectations for Coming 2 America because of the cult following of the original movie.

Due to the pandemic, the film did not get the theatrical release it was due for being such a big movie that was highly anticipated by different generations of fans. With being streamed on Amazon, the sequel to Coming 2 America was seen hours before the scheduled Friday midnight release.

Needless to say, the reactions to the film would vary from different viewers and critics. On Rotten Tomato, you clearly see how critics saw the film differently with positive and negative reviews.

coming 2 america

coming 2 america

coming 2 america

However, time has shown in history that sometimes critics do not hit the mark on certain films which turn out to become all-time favorites that surpass the test of time. In 1988, the Hollywood Reporter has this say about the original.

On June 29, 1988, Paramount debuted the R-rated comedy Coming to America, from Eddie Murphy and John Landis, in theaters. The Hollywood Reporter’s original review is below: 

Eddie Murphy’s latest Coming is likely to leave the wreath-bearers, the frantic faithful, the crowd herders and the legions of line-waiters in numbed, disbelieving disappointment. With the superstar comic in a positively perfect role as an African prince come to New York to find a wife, Coming to America seems a can’t-miss premise and pairing.

The Hollywood Reporter 1988

coming 2 america

As you can see above, the long term affection the movie garnered doesn’t necessarily vibe with the criticism of the film upon its original release. One has to wonder if this will be the same scenario for the sequel.

We take a look at the reactions from both critics and fans a-like, who watched the movie with great fanfare in the last couple of days for Episode 7 of WorldWide Unplugged which can only be seen on WorldWide Network by registering for free and joining the WWETV community. Check out the preview below.