Conor McGregor 3.5 Hour Long Surgery Successful After Injury

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Conor McGregor lost in a brutal way as he snapped his ankle against Dustin Poirer, but he received immediate surgery.

Conor McGregor snapped his ankle in the first round of his fight against Dustin Poirier on July 10. The injury looks to be the worst McGregor has suffered, and is gruesome to watch. He did it to himself on an awkward movement, although Poirier claims that he was responsible for wearing the ankle down. Conor, of course, decided to take shots at Poirer by claiming his wife was in his DMs, a lazy schoolboy tactic for a man who just lost a fight.

TMZ Sports reports that McGregor just underwent successful 3.5-hour surgery in Los Angeles. Doctors reportedly inserted a rod in his tibia and his fibula was fixed with plates and screws. The head of sports trauma at Cedars, Dr. Ellatrache, and trauma orthopedic surgeon Milton Little completed the procedure on McGregor. He is expected to remain in the hospital until Tuesday or Wednesday. The road to recovery is unclear for McGregor, although it’s safe to assume he won’t be fighting again this year.

McGregor posted on social media after the injury, captioning an image of him being carted away, “You need people like me.”