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Could Hip Hop Relationships Ever Work? Unplugged Ep. 3

WorldWide Entertainment TV Unplugged Episode 3

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Could mixing business and relationships ever work in the world of hip hop? Last weekend on Saturday January 23rd, the debut of the groundbreaking female rap group, Salt N Pepa, had their story told on Lifetime via a biopic.

The biopic had buzz for its drama concerning the group members of Salt N Pepa not being on good terms with its DJ in Spinderella, but there were other aspects of the film that may have moved people in another way concerning how the group members handled their personal relationships with men.

The relationship of Salt (Cheryl James) was disclosed fans discover the issues that surrounded Hurby “Luv Bug” running the group and running into groupies. In an interview with Unique Access, Salt describes Hurby as the first Diddy in terms of taking New York hip hop commercial across the globe with her group.

Fans also got to see on screen, the first hip hop power couple in Treach of Naughty By Nature and Pepa of Salt N Pepa. As the film progresses, we see Pepa’s recount of their relationship as Treach seemed to be jealous of her flirting and at times how she would dress provocatively. This was interesting to see considering that Treach is also in the same rap industry and was also a successful hip hop artist who also used his sex appeal to attract female viewers.

Watching the biopic, it became apparent that it isn’t easy holding a relationship for these rap stars even if they work with someone in the industry alongside them or with an artist who should understand the glitz and glamour that comes along with their partner being in the business.

In recent times, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill were a great power couple in comparison to Treach and Salt despite the two not going as far as tying the knot together. Although Beyonce is not a traditional rapper per say, she has ended up incorporating hip hop style delivery of her lyrics on her recent projects with her husband Jay Z. It appears the two have found a balance to work together without having the issues of stars in the past did with their counterparts such as in the group Salt N Pepa.

In Episode 3 of WWETV’s Unplugged Podcast series with Ashley, we go into more depth about how one can possibly handle the pressures of being a celebrity rapper and also achieve success in having a positive relationship. Or is that sort of thing not possible when all involved work in the same business? Do artists need someone that isn’t involved in their genre to give them balance from their work?

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