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Country Singer Analisa Carter – Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast Ep. 18

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WorldWide Entertainment TV’s Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast Episode 19 includes country singer Analisa Carter. She is a country singer, songwriter, and performer based in Griffin, Georgia.

She speaks on various topics that include the recent Monica controversy at the annual Country Music Awards event. Growing up, she loved poetry and started writing music at the age of 8. A self-proclaimed military brat, Analisa credits her younger years for providing a diverse experience that contributed to her love of music.

After spending majority of her life working in corporate America, Analisa decided to chase her dreams and pursue her music career. Carter is a rising star on the country music scene with her distinct sound, which combines country and rock music to create a unique hot country tone. As the talented artist says, “Dreams, everyone has them. The tough part is achieving them, but the fun part is chasing them!” During the interview she provides her top 5 artists, how she constructs her music, why people should take time to listen to her style of country music and more.

Visit Analisa Carter’s official website.