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COVID-19 Allegedly Hits Black Hoods in U.S. Most

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It all started in Wuhan, China to end the year of 2019. It would soon become the biggest story of not only 2020, but probably biggest in decades as the coronavirus aka covid-19 (certificate of vaccination id 2019) took over the planet.

An unprecedented time in history occurred once governments started to declare lockdowns in hopes of quarantines would lead to flattening the curve of the virus spreading. Masks were also brought into fashion due to medical advice from doctors such as Dr. Facui suggesting it could help in prevention of spreading.

The United Kingdom was the first region to receive the federally approved vaccines from Pfizer and now Canada and the United States are following suit.

It is also being reported that the black communities of the United States and parts of the world is allegedly disproportionate of the virus infection. However, there is a large portion of the demographic who are suspicious of the vaccines due to the past issues and tests done in the past which caused damage to these same communities.

A black nurse in queens is the first person to get the vaccine.