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Crime Scene Photos Released of Alleged YNW Melly Double Murder




YNW Melly landed himself in hot water when the killings of his two close friends in YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser transpired. He turned himself in on the double murder charges and is a suspect.  He maintains his innocence and so does  YNW Bortlen, who is also apart of the entourage. The 20-year-old patiently waits his fate, as the court proceedings have not begun.

The situation is truly bizarre and new crime scene photos have been released illustrating this point. As reported by XXL, new photos of the crime scene seemingly prove that YNW Melly was the gunman in the murder of his two friends. The photos were initially shown in court last month, during one of Bortlen’s hearings, but they were shared publicly by the Treasure Coast Palm last week.

court pics
Image via Broward County Courthouse

crime scene
Image via Broward County Courthouse