Crime Sweeping Across America Since Covid-19: Report

NEWS - WWETV Administration


Two years have passed since the news broke about Covid-19 and now a report shows a rise in crime since its inception.

As citizens across the globe sat at home under quarantine and lockdown mandates, it would appear that crime would decrease. However, it appears it only caused more aggravation and pent up emotions that has led to some historic incidents.

For example, George Floyd, was seen by millions sitting at home breathing his last breath due to excessive force from police officers. That situation caused people sitting at home to break out into the streets as if it were the 1960 civil rights movement days with the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X at the helm.


We witnessed a police station burning and riots that were similar to the early 90’s Rodney King protests. This led to a “Defund The Police” movement that caused some police forces to abandon their duties in certain cities participating in the program.

Minneapolis was a city under siege as citizens took the police station and zoned it to create their own community in protest. It has been a time like no other.

Fox News published this video item, entitled “This is happening all over the country: Watters”