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Cyhi Gives New Insight Into Kanye’s Meticulous Training For Production

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Article By Kevin Douglas

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Kanye West is currently going through a divorce and made headlines for running for the presidency, but let’s all remember why he originally got famous.

There is no questioning the Chicago rap icon’s catalog and his producing acumen that has created multiple hits over multiple decades.

During an extensive interview with Adam 22 on No Jumper, CyHi spoke about Kanye’s meticulous training regimen. “Even when he’s doing beats, he’s going through every sample,” explained The Prynce. “I heard every album that came out from ’91 to like ’99, he redid every beat on every Hip Hop album ever. He would get the whole Nas album and do every Nas song one through sixteen — every beat to a T. Nas album, Biggie album, DMX album. Everybody who came out before him.”

“He redid their album just to teach himself how to make beats,” he continues. “If he gon’ be that studious with beats, he’s going to be that way with everything. And that’s how I learned you really make sure you win, you have every option on the table.”

The interview gave some new insight into the mind of Kanye West and how he goes the extra mile to create his art.

Check out the complete interview below.