During a recent interview with the Ugly Money podcast, the YSL co-founder revealed that Willis was once his defense attorney. Prior to landing a gig as the D.A. in Fulton County, Georgia, she represented Mondo, who wasn’t indicted in the RICO case, as his attorney.

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“[She] was just my lawyer,” Mondo said, revealing that he has evidence to back up his claims. “I was the last case she was doing before she turned to being the [District Attorney].”

Additionally, Mondo said that there’s plenty of information publicly available to back up his claims. However, he said that Willis ultimately “switched sides” immediately after representing him. He also shot down rumors that she’d be able to use information gained during his tenure as Mondo’s attorney against the other YSL members.

“That was for real just my lawyer, bruh. I ain’t never seen this lady act like this. This shit weird to me. That’s how I know all this shit is about politics,” he continued. “I’m sitting here talkin’ to her just like how we talkin’. Fani Willis lady — I used to talk to this lady like an auntie… All this shit puzzling and scary as hell. And it’s a lot of bullshit they’re putting out… Shit ain’t right.”

Despite being a co-founder of YSL, Mondo was never indicted as part of the RICO case. However, he stated that YSL is not a gang elsewhere in the interview.

Fani Willis was elected Fulton county district attorney just days before the conclusion of the 2020 presidential election. But as she celebrated her promotion, Trump and his allies set in motion a flurry of unfounded claims of voter fraud in Georgia, the state long hailed as a Republican stronghold for local and national elections.

Willis assumed office on 1 January 2021, becoming the first Black woman in the position. The next day, according to reports, Trump called rad Raffensperger, the Georgia secretary of state, urging him to “find” the nearly 12,000 votes he needed to secure a victory and overturn the election results.

The following month, Willis launched an investigation into Trump’s interference in the state’s general election. Now, in a hearing on Tuesday, the special purpose grand jury and the presiding judge will decide whether to release to the public the final report and findings of the grand jury that was seated to investigate Trump and his allies.