Da Brat’s Wife Denies LisaRaye Only Knew Of Pregnancy Online

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Jesse Dupart sets the record straight after an old interview surfaced of LisaRaye claiming she was unaware of Da Brat’s pregnancy.

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Da Brat being pregnant took social media by storm and Jesseca Dupart, confirmed that they were expecting a baby. Unfortunately, the otherwise great news transformed into a messy social media situation involving Da Brat and her sister, LisaRaye McCoy. An old interview clip with LisaRaye McCoy emerged on timelines today where she stated that she only found out about her sister’s pregnancy via social media.

Over the years, Da Brat and LisaRaye haven’t necessarily seen eye-to-eye. So the snippet of information surrounding LisaRaye’s alleged unawareness of her sister’s pregnancy created more of an issue online. However, it wasn’t true and the timing of the video being shared came as LisaRaye mourns the loss of her mother. Dupart addressed the claims in the comment section of TheShadeRoom, where she said the TMZ story that was circulating was from a year prior.


Raquel Harper explained that she didn’t have a role in the circulation of the recently resurfaced video. “The interview I did with [LisaRaye] is from months ago, not today,” Harper wrote on her Instagram Story. “I only posted because I thought it was from a story today and that my interview was just getting brought back up from something currently.” She explained in a subsequent post that many of her old interviews resurface regularly. “If I am tagged I just post period,” she wrote before denying that she was the person who posted it in the first place. “Once again, I am not the person who posted the story,” she continued. “I was minding my business and seen my name getting tagged so I reposted.”

Still, Dupart wasn’t having it. She slammed Harper for trying to stir the pot. “MORE LIKE A YEAR AGO, last FEBRUARY, she knew exactly what she was doing but she WRECKLESSLY hopped on a trending topic – while Lisa Raye is planning funeral arrangements for her mother …… 100% distasteful,” Dupart wrote. However, Harper said Dupart as lying. “I talk to [LisaRaye] while it was happening asked her what was going on so know what your talking about.”

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