DaBaby & DaniLeigh “Back Together” After DaBaby Drops Case

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DaBaby & DaniLeigh Allegedly “Getting Back Together” After DaBaby Drops Case! DaBaby friends are giving information to news sources about the couple and their possible reconciliation.

Police in North Carolina say they were called last Sunday evening and Monday morning, to DaBaby’s penthouse apartment. According two officers, DaBaby told officers that he’d been assaulted by his girlfriend.

 DaBaby and Danileigh got into a heated argument that was recorded on IG Live, when he live-streamed an argument between himself and his baby’s mother, singer Danileigh. And during the argument, the rapper called the police on her.

According to one of DaBaby’s friends, he is no longer cooperating with Charlotte prosecutors on Danileigh’s domestic violence case. “He’s dropping charges against her. That’s his baby mama, it was a big misunderstanding, that’s all.”

DaBaby’s friend told MTO News that he expects the two to get back together. The friend explained, “[DaBaby] ain’t mad at her and [Danileigh] ain’t mad at him. It’s just – how you call it – baby mama drama. They working on getting back together now.”