DaBaby is back with a new album and he dropped a bombshell about what his relationship was really like with Megan Thee Stallion. There was once a time when the Houston Hottie and the North Carolina native called themselves each others’ industry husband and wife.There’s been friction between Meg and DaBaby, who collaborated on numerous occasions, ever since 2021 Rolling Loud Miami. However, DaBaby claims that there’s more to their relationship than songs like “Cash Shit” and “Cry Baby.”

“You play with me that sh*t was childish/The day before she said that Tory Lanez shot her, I was f**kin on Megan Thee Stallion,” he rapped. But the controversial rapper didn’t stop there. He continued: “Waited to say that sh*t on my next album/Hit it the day before too/But I kept it player, I ain’t say nothing ’bout it.” 

DaBaby even went as far as to seemingly mention Megan’s boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine on the song, adding: “Had her pretty boy, boyfriend tweeting me, ready to die ’bout the b*tch like a coward/I told you ni**as don’t play, now you gone have to handle me/I poked the mutha**kin bear, I’m a animal.” The candid track comes on the heels of Tory Lanez‘ trial date for his felony assault charge against Megan being postponed.


“Boogeyman” is featured on DaBaby’s follow-up album to his 2019 debut Baby On Baby. 50 Cent chimed in on the single saying,

“WTF anybody seen the boogie man because i’m a need to hear this shit right now!”


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