DaBaby is no longer facing charges after he was arrested for possession of a loaded weapon. According to a report by TMZ, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has thrown out a case against the rapper that took place in 2021 with his arrest when he was charged for carrying a loaded weapon during a shopping spree in Beverly Hills.The rapper was arrested on Rodeo Drive after a trip to a Gucci store where security claimed he saw a gun on DaBaby’s waistband when he lifted his shirt. DaBaby and co. left the store and were met by police who searched their vehicle and found a gun underneath a car seat. No one claimed ownership but the security’s allegations against DaBaby led to his arrest.

The Los Angeles District Attorney determined that there was little evidence to move forward with the charges against DaBaby. The D.A.’s report claimed that the charge was solely based on the security guard’s statement to the police when there was little physical evidence to build a case against the rapper.

“We’ve been 100% confident in Mr. Kirk’s innocence since the day of this incident and are appreciative that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has made a similar determination,” DaBaby’s lawyer, Drew Findling, said.

The hip hop star is not clear from legal issues completely as he could still face charges in the L.A. area over the fight against DaniLeigh’s brother last month. Police said there’s a higher likelihood that DaBaby will be charged because of the video evidence floating around the internet. As seen above DaBaby says he was threatened and sued over the situation. He proclaims to still be afraid of running into him again.

Stay tuned for updates on the rapper in the near future.