Dallas Austin Says “He Wanted To Kill Everybody” After Chilli Left Him For Usher

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Dallas Austin Reflects On Time He ‘Wanted To Kill Everybody’

Angela Yee spoke with music producer Dallas Austin about his ex-girlfriend Chilli of TLC. He left no hidden emotions he had when the relationship ended because of Chilli ending up with Usher. According to Dallas Austin, he ‘wanted to kill everybody’ when he found out who his ex was dating. He said,

“I wanted to kill everybody. Because obviously, I was friends with Usher too and it was just one of those things where, you know, it was…we like… we two different people, we always have been in that sense. And I feel like when… it actually was crazy because I moved to Miami. And I was just all fed up. ‘I got to get out of Atlanta I’m just too fed up things are going to crazy’ so I moved to Miami I set up in the house. Me and [Chilli] first broke up then.”

He continued and said after he left Atlanta for Miami he tried to get back together with Chilli but by then it was a little too late.

“By the time I called and said ‘hey, you know what, let’s be together in Miami’ she was like ‘no no no that’s a wrap I’m done.’”

Dallas Austin also shared that he initially thought that year was the worst year of his life, but looking back now, he can see how wrong he was.

“Well I’m thinking this is the worst year because then she goes- she started dating Usher and I’m going mad because I’m like ‘hold on I’ve got to kill this…that’s my girl, my kid, this, that, and the other.’”

He added,

“So I went through this whole year of thinking that it was the worst year of my life when really I did all the Pink songs at that time. ‘It Was Just Like A Pill’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’ and all that was about the relationship I was in. I did Blu Cantrell, I did Drumline. And all this stuff was going on and I feel like I almost had blinders on because I was in that place that everybody gets to when you’re going through that breakup where it’s just painful.”

Dallas Austin and Chilli did have a son and worked together on co-parenting despite their fallout.

Dallas Austin also talks about how he wrote for a variety of artists like TLC, Boyz II Men, Brandy, Monica, Blu Cantrell, Pink, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, and why he’s always written for so many female artists. Check out the interview below.