Dame Dash Speaks On Aaliyah, R Kelly, & Jay Z

I knew morally we weren’t the same

Dame Dash

Kenyatta “The Hip Hop Motivator” ask Dame Dash about his feelings towards Lifetimes “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary, and why he was never a part of the Jay Z and R. Kelly collaboration.

There was a girl when she was even trying to talk about it and she couldn’t, and I remember Aaliyah trying to talk about it and she couldn’t

Dame Dash

Aaliyah – R Kelly

She would just leave it at ‘That dude was a bad man.’ I didn’t really want to know what he did, to the extent that I would, you know, deal with it. Because that’s what a man does. But it was so much hurt for her to revisit it. I wouldn’t want to revisit it without a professional. Whatever got done was terrible

Dame Dash

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