Danny Green Defends Toronto Fans Against Donkey Of The Day

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Photo Credit: Breakfast Club IG

The Raptors and Toronto were generally lauded with having some of the greatest fans worldwide for the NBA. That perception changed a bit when the Raptors won the Eastern Conference Finals and eventually the NBA Championship. The issues were discussed by WWETV Host Brooklyn.

Toronto’s most popular rapper, Drake, was also concerning to some people. He was warned by the NBA via The Raptors to calm down his fandom. Drake more than lived up to his title of “Global Ambassador” for his city’s team. championship parade.

The Breakfast Club had the opportunity to speak with one of the players on the reigning NBA Champions. The discussion included the antics of Drake during the season.

“He has fun with it man, and I’m sure he wishes he could play, but he’s good at what he does and he respects what we do and he enjoys watching us do what we do.”

Danny Green

Danny Green also defended the fans of Toronto and gave them the benefit of the doubt to their original reaction to Kevin Durant’s injury. Watch what he says in counter to Charlamagne giving Toronto fans “Donkey Of The Day” below.