Dave Chapelle, Talib, & Yasiin Bey Will Do “Midnight Miracle Podcast”

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The “Midnight Miracle” podcast was revealed on 4/20 Apple event.

The trio of Dave Chappelle, Talib Kweli, and Yasiin Bey have announced they are launching a new podcast called The Midnight Miracle. The men have been friends for years and there should be good chemistry by them which can only be entertaining for viewers and listeners.

According to the press release, the show “provides a glimpse into a very interesting season in the lives of the three hosts and their friends, and features guests from among the country’s most influential cultural icons.”

The show is set to be released in the next couple of weeks on the Luminary network and will also be available on the Luminary channel on the Apple Podcasts app. The platform is set to debut its new subscription platform worldwide in May, promoted alongside Apple’s event today (April 20). Listeners in over 170 countries and regions will be able to sign up for a premium subscription that includes a variety of benefits curated by respective creators.

“Making a podcast isn’t the obvious next move for me, but it’s the right one. The Midnight Miracle gives you a look into how me and my friends process the world around us, and I think it will change the way listeners think of what a podcast can be,” said Chappelle about the podcast.