Dave Chappelle CAN’T Be Cancelled According To Comedy Hype

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‘The Comedy Hype News Show’, explores the topic of “cancel culture” and give their thoughts on why the iconic Dave Chappelle is immune to it.

The cast of veteran comedian David A. Arnold joins the conversation surrounding Dave Chappelle. Comedians Pierre, Vanessa Fraction, along with David A. Arnold share why Dave Chappelle can’t be cancelled.

The controversial comedian asked a crowd if he was cancelled and the audience responded with a strong no. The strong points made during “The Comedy Hype News Show” included Chappelle not being connected with any big brand sponsors that would affect his income flow if they were to boycott him. He already has hundreds of millions of fans around the world that is connected to his art that anywhere in the world he could set up a show where fans would come see him.

The counter argument was if outlets such as Netflix stopped airing his shows completely there would be an issue, but that according to Pierre isn’t a possibility due to some people in power not disagreeing with Chappelle’s comedy or his right to free speech. Chappelle recently revealed his documentary about his 2020 summer tour has been expelled from film festivals, but places such as Toronto are still giving him a platform to air the film that reinforces Pierre’s point, despite some in the city who are against the idea.

Last week Scotiabank Arena announced the comedian would be returning to Toronto on Nov.15 for a screening of his newest documentary along with a live performance by him and some of his friends.

Tickets for the event almost immediately sold out and the reaction online has been divisive over it in the city of Toronto. Ticket prices started at $150 and went as high as $1,950 for front row seats.

Chappelle’s new documentary, Untitled, chronicles his outdoor and socially distanced live comedy shows he put on in a small town in Ohio when most of the United States was in lockdown.

Check out the Comedy Hype crew explain why Dave Chappelle cannot be cancelled below.