Dave Chappelle Speaks On Controversy Surrounding ‘The Closer’

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Dave Chappelle just dropped a clip on IG speaking on the controversy surrounding his Netflix special ‘The Closer’.

After rumors swirled that Chappelle wanted to speak with Neflix employees, the stand-up comedian laid out his terms for a discussion.

During The Closer, Chappelle went on a lengthy rant about the LGBTQ+ community, a group he has targeted with “jokes” in previous Netflix specials, and used DaBaby as a pawn in his argument. Explaining that DaBaby was cancelled faster for his homophobic rant at Rolling Loud than he was for shooting and killing a man in self defense in a North Carolina Wal-Mart, Chappelle boiled down a bunch of facts into the loose message that you will be punished more quickly and more severely for offending a community of people than you would for killing another human being.

Dave Chappelle is willing to speak to a member of the Netflix staff, but only on his terms, The first condition, according to a TMZ report, is that anybody who wants to talk to him has to watch The Closer from start to finish. The second: the discussion has to take place at a time and place of Chappelle’s choosing. And third, whoever wants to speak to him has to admit that Hannah Gadsby, the Australian comedian who tore Chappelle and Netflix apart in response to The Closer, is not funny.




Chappelle also took to social media to post his most recent special where he alludes to the controversy. He reveals he did not refuse to speak with Netflix employees over the special because he was never offered the opportunity. He makes light of employees wanting a safe working environment, but reminds them that he is the one who can’t go to their offices anymore because of picketing.

He believes the mainstream media is pitting him against the LGBTQ community and this backlash is about what he can say and what he cannot say in corporate interest. Check out the clips below.