Dave Chappelle Speaks With Joe Rogan On Netflix Conflict

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Dave Chappelle is an iconic figure for comedy with his wit and insight into life, he shared some overview of his life with Joe Rogan recently.

Chappelle made an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast earlier this week and spoke on his classic “Chapelle Show” and his reemergence in comedy with Netflix specials.

Chappelle believes the people were most pivotal in him getting justice for his show rights. “It wasn’t a court of law” stated Chappelle as he continued saying “I don’t believe I would have got anything in a court of law. I think, in the court of public opinion, it was a good time for me to say my piece and through the years it wasn’t something I would harp on. … It was something I was actually reluctant to talk about.”

The deaths of DMX and Black Rob has given the legendary comedian the mentality that you must enjoy your little time given on this earth. “It’s not a midlife crisis,” he said. “It’s the opposite of that. It’s like, look, I know I don’t get to stay here forever. My time is limited and precious and I don’t take any of these things for granted. I don’t take this money for granted, this platform. And I’m not talking about the fame platform. I’m talking about comedy, this genre. This genre has been so good for me.”

Check out the podcast below.