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Debby Of Toronto aka Debby Gang Passed Away: Report



A Toronto social media personality known as “Toronto Debby” has been reported dead according to multiple Instagram accounts with fans paying respect with messages as “OMG, Toronto’s icon Debby passed away yesterday… RIP.”  Toronto Debby death circulated on November 2nd, 2021, but nothing has been confirmed.

When one hits up various Toronto IG accounts, you will see messages of rest in peace and breaking news.

RealTorontoNewz just revealed: “BREAKING: There Are Rumours Circulating That Toronto’s Debby Has Passed Away.” A fan replied: “Debby died fr? What?”

The “Debbygang. tv,” account has 30.6k followers with the following description: “#DebbyGang #TorontoIcon ⭐️#TorontoMogul 🎥 #TorontoArtist.”

On an obituary website it has Debby Gang listed as passing away here.


There were a few tweets, claiming that she overdosed; however, this possibility has not been confirmed: “Apparently Debby died of an overdose of Fentanyl damn.”

Some have been sharing tweets due to Debby’s health issues. One said: “Debby dying is sad af. Toronto needs to do better for people struggling with addiction, mental health, and housing insecurity.”

Another account explained: “6ixbuzz, RealTorontoNewz, and all the other pages ain’t shit cause they damn well knew Debby had a drug problem yet they took her for the poppy show on their platform for likes/followers, and now that she’s dead it’s R.I.P. to an icon. Worst Toronto brand ever!”

Following the rumor due to Debby’s death, many of her fans have been sharing their condolences through social media. One shared: “YOOOOOO DEBBY DIED?!?! WOW, RIP DG4L.”

Later on, The Hotspot TV announced: “Toronto’s infamous ‘Debby’ has reportedly passed away… RIP.” AA wrote: “I can’t believe Debby is dead. It’s crazy to believe that she needed help, but the internet decided to clown her instead. May her young soul RIP.”

One tweeted: “Man should be helping Debby rather than cracking all those jokes. Now look smh. rip Debby.” Another said: “Everyone in Toronto is gonna be tweeting “rip Debby” when you were all laughing at her making her do stupid shit when what that girl needed helped.”

Popular Toronto media personality, That Dude McFly, asked the question on Twitter if the death really occurred and majority of his followers believed it to be true.


Check out more social media reactions to the passing of Debby below.There has been a section of people on social media who believe outlets such as 6ix Buzz took advantage of Debby by exploiting her antics.

See more about Toronto’s troubled social media landscape the article, “6ixbuzz & Toronto Instagram Pages get blame for Debby death,” to learn more on the city’s issues. What are your thoughts on the situation?