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Def Jam Claims One Of The Greatest Albums Ever Is Kanye’s #MBDTF

Is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy The Greatest Album Ever?

What is the Greatest Album Ever?

Before having a mental health issue which could stem from his creative mind getting a melt down from all the years of creating music and fashion, Kanye West was lauded as a man who brought a different life to the hip hop world creating classics such as “College Drop Out” and “Late Registration”. However, the body of work he once claimed to be his “Thriller” album was My Black Dark Twisted Fantasy” which had a full  length film. It was an outstanding piece of work that Def Jam has now called one of the GOAT albums ever made which is a pretty lofty claim.

It could very well be the point where Kanye West peaked with his work and has been trying to follow it ever since. Just like all the great artists in time it is hard to top your own greatness when it is the apex of your industry. This week this is Worldwide Entertainment TV’s Thursday Throwback of the week celebrating the release of this classic on November 22, 2010.

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