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Def Jam Signs Rapper Who Sounds Just Like JAY-Z

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In 2020, hip hop fans encountered a Brooklyn rapper who sounded very similar to the legendary Marcy Projects hip hop billionaire JAY-Z. Now in 2021, H-D viral music video has landed him a chance at advancing his career to the next level.

H-D,  follows other icons of rap by signing to the historical hip hop label, Def Jam, recently for resonating with rap fans. The “Ghetto Sunday” music video currently sits at over five million views on youtube. Check out the visuals below.

On social media, H-D celebrated his moment of becoming a Def Jam artist. He stated, “Deal signed. Everyone within my circle made this possible. Love you all. What a beautiful moment. @universalmusicgroup @defjam + @noahsheer Varick Street + Complas Music Group. Beautiful thing,” as the captioned for the video of his signing.