Defending NBA Champ Raptors Get Apology From Stephen A Smith

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Stephen A. Smith Offers Apology To The Toronto Raptors

The playoffs are underway in the NBA and the Toronto Raptors are still in the hunt for back to back championships. Many people are writing the team off throughout North America and believe more television ratings oriented teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers are on route to the trophy.

Losing the star player of the magnitude of Kawhi Leonard also made their odds a bit more tough on winning, but they have managed without him to defend their championship so far as the Raptors cruised to 2nd place in the Eastern Conference.

Last night, the Raptors came out and won a thrilling game against the Boston Celtics to tie their series up at 3-3. As a result of this big win, Stephen A. Smith was forced to offer the team an apology on First Take, as he admitted to selling them short for much of the season.

Smith bluntly stated he didn’t believe the team had it in them especially being down 2 games to none against the Celtics. Kyle Lowry’s play has been amazing and he thinks the Raptors chances of winning on Friday are high for game 7. Even Smith’s co-host Max Kellerman is picking the Raptors to win as he thinks Pascal Siakim could break out and have a monstrous game.