Desiree Smith Exposes Police Sex Tape Allegation Against 2Pac

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Desiree Smith exposes how the police tried to set up Tupac and get her to go against him by saying she was underage in adult tape.

In November of 1993, police told  New York’s Daily News they found a videotape of Shakur having sex with the girl during a search of the Parker Meridien Hotel room where Shakur is accused of sexually abusing a 20-year-old woman. Desiree Smith explains how she met Tupac in the interview below. She recollects losing Tupac’s phone number, but Biggie Smalls taking her to meet him.

‘She does not look like she’s in her right frame of mind,’ the police source said. ‘She looks like she’s underage…and under the influence of drugs.’

Shakur is believed to have shot the videotape himself, but attorney Michael Warren questioned Friday whether the girl is underage or intoxicated.

‘It’s purely speculative if they don’t know who the young lady is, what her age is, and whether she’s intoxicated,’ Warren said.

Investigators wanted to find the woman in the videotape who would end up being Desiree Smith. There was another women of interest that they wanted to find out that sent Shakur their telephone numbers and photographs. The reason being to determine whether he may have abused any of them.

Desiree Smith speaks with Art Of Dialogue about the whole situation and gives her side of the story.