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DevelopMe Youth – Enough Is Enough Peace Rally Oct. 20th

developme youth

OCTOBER 12, 2018


TORONTO, ONTARIO –  The youth that reside in the city of Toronto are in a crisis. They face adversities unlike previous young people of the past in terms of violence, mental health, and murder. DevelopMe Youth is a non profit organization that is apart of the youth culture in Toronto.  DevelopMe Youth is taking an active lead in finding ways to solve the issues plaguing the community. With the assistance of experienced groups such as SistersKeepers, Zero Gun Violence, EMSC, and urban media outlets such as WorldWide Entertainment TV to reach the at risk youth.

Enough Is Enough Peace Rally clearly explains the initiative of this event led by DevelopMe Youth which is by youth for youth. The elders of the community are doing the best they could, but they need the help and the involvement from youth, in trying to regulate and reduce this predicament happening in our communites. This is where this Peace Rally comes in, as it allows the youth to now take a stand up and let their voices be heard, for as many times they are the voiceless in change due to lack of empowerment to make changes in their environment.

In a recent news piece by CBC an article detailed that with 200 more officers this summer only 1 less shooting occurrred leaving Toronto police’s gun violence strategy with uncertain results. This strategy was implemented as a response to ongoing gun violence in the city.  It was reported a few months ago that Toronto’s murder rate has now surpassed New York’s and may also end up eclipsing the early 1990’s record.

DevelopMe Youth’s strategy is to give the youth a platform where they can speak on possible alternative plans that those in power can implement to make real changes in their neighbourhoods. This event will focus on what the youth believe needs to happen to help solve issues that some elders are having problems understanding due to generation gaps. DevelopMe Youth Peace Rally will commence at Queen’s Park South Wing at 1:30pm and march down to City Hall to bring communities together to stand against violence.

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