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Did 50 Cent Makeup With Taraji P Henson On Instagram?

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Taraji P. Henson is a popular Hollywood star and is a favorite of celebrities. Pat Houston spoke recently about wanting her to play the role of iconic singer Whitney Houston for her Clive Davis produced biopic.  However, one celebrity has fun trolling and some may say even putting down Taraji P Henson. The rapper 50 Cent who sees Henson as competition due to her allegiance to the Empire series falls victim to his infamous trolling.

Henson commented on Fifty’s trolling on T.I.’s “expediTIously” podcast. “Our show has nothing to do with his show, we’re talking two different subject matters,” she said. “Does he understand what I did to get here? Why tear down another black person for competition? There are a million other shows he can compete with? And to do that publically, it’s embarrassing.”

Of course, 50 Cent had to respond to the comments by Taraji P Henson as he took to Instagram and stated “I saw @tarajiphenson on @troubleman31 podcast, this is my sincere apology I did not mean to hurt your feelings in anyway,” he wrote. “I love your work and I think you are amazing. I’m sorry no one is watching your show anymore.”

At first glance it seems like a great gesture from the New York rapper, but his seemingly loving response turned into a jab when he said, “I realize I have to work on the fact that I have less empathy then others. I have met with the top executives at Fox and sold them(The Notorious Cop) it’s the show that is replacing yours.”

50 Cent then went back with a comment stating he would love to work with the Empire star stating, “But I really want to work with you. I mean your awesome we would work well together. But if you don’t like the idea I understand. If you don’t roll with me, your gonna get rolled the f*ck over.”