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Did Biggie Smalls Start The Coastal Rap Beef?

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notorious big

Netflix recently presented a beautifully produced documentary about the life of rap icon Notorious B.I.G.

The recounting of his superior rap skills made him a once in a lifetime phenomenon that would forever be known as “The King Of New York”. As fans were transported back into the 1990’s, the remembrance of one of the deadliest rap beefs was brought back with the east coast and west coast.

We all know the story, but how one recollects how it all started is a different story. Many people are of the belief that the always bodacious Tupac Shakur was the culprit of the insanity that ensued in 1995 and 1996.

However, a youtube took this belief to task by giving a detailed look at why he believes the narrative is a false one. He provides commentary in the video below with a different spin about the whole ordeal that led to the deaths of two of hip hop’s greatest rap superstars.