Did Executive Producer 50 Cent Turn DaBaby Into A Heel?

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50 Cent is a successful directer and rapper thus some people believe he may have orchestrated DaBaby who he now mentors into creating controversy at Rolling Loud.

DaBaby has become rap’s biggest villain after a week of being mentored by 50 Cent. The New York rap legend believes there is a lot of potential in DaBaby and took it upon himself to teach the young rapper on how to become successful as himself. Is it merely a coincidence that DaBaby took only a week to cause a huge stir after getting advice from 50 Cent? A section of hip hop fans don’t think so.

The Charlotte rapper has been buzzing all week with critics, rappers, journalists, and fans all chiming in on his set over the last weekend that had homophobic comments at Rolling Loud. 50 Cent has in the past stirred up controversial comments about the LGBTQ+ community when he would target his tv series competition in “Empire” that had Jussie Smollet in various gay scenes that had created controversy during the drama series hey day smashing records. 50 Cent would say his show “Power” did not have those kind of scenes which got him in some heat.

50 Cent took aim at a time when the show was just beginning to see a sharp drop in ratings. He concluded the declining ratings was due to “gay stuff”. Fox’s hip-hop drama ‘Empire’ season premiere in 2015 had 16 million viewers, but on its second episode airing on 30 September 2015, viewing numbers fell to 13.7 million.


50 Cent shared a post to Instagram at the time with the caption: “There are 3 million less viewers who tuned into last night’s Empire episode!!!! did you watch it?”

“We could not take the extra gay stuff or celebrity stuff last night!!!!”

The post was deleted, but the controversy remained for a few days. The creator of Empire, Lee Daniels, spoke on the ratings drop at the time and said he had hoped the show could give air time to its gay characters without rebuttal.

“With our first test screening, the audience loved everything, but when we showed Jamal kissing his boyfriend they hated it.” He told the Telegraph.

50’s rep later told TMZ said his comments were “not a reflection of his views at all.” The media outlet reported the rapper said, “I’m No Homophobe … I Just Hate ‘Empire'”. It was during the time he was building an audience for his popular “Power” series that aired on Fox’s competitor Fox television.

The sly attack on Empire did not stop there. In 2017, the businessman hinted that fellow rapper, Diddy (Puffy) who is married with kids is in a secret gay relationship with openly gay Empire creator Lee Daniels.

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This brings us to last weekend when DaBaby shamed his fans living with HIV and AIDS, sharing harmful misinformation and also calling out his gay fans. His apology has not worked as well as it did for 50 Cent in 2015 for offending the LGBTQ+ community who has got support from legendary artists such as artists like Madonna and Elton John who have not been sympathetic to DaBaby’s apology on the whole ordeal.

What has raised some eyebrows is the execution of DaBaby’s music video right after the controversy. It ironically directly referenced the controversy and this seems to have been orchestrated by DaBaby to an extent. However, some have connected 50 Cent to the drama because he promoted the rapper’s new song on social media. There is a thing called “turning heel” in the pro wrestling business. That is where a pro wrestler orchestrates turning into a villain to generate “heat” with fans to become a box office draw against the more popular “babyfaces”. It did wonders for the most popular wrestler of all-time, Hulk Hogan, when he did it in 1996 to rejuvenate his career in the mainstream media.

Check out the fan thoughts below about the situation.

The rapper has now embraced the hate by admitting he wants icon status in the world of hip hop. “I was tryna be a rapper for like one more year God ready for me to be an ICON now,” he tweets. “This what I asked for I proudly accept the challenge.”

The comment as expected has received mixed reactions as you can see below.