Did Jennifer Lopez Deliver For Motown Legends? Internet Reactions

The Grammy Awards tonight presented the iconic Motown legend and Diva in Diana Ross. Her music label that was headed by Berry Gordy is known for being a trailblazer in music during the civil rights era presenting black artists on a worldwide scale while at the same time being an independent label in comparison to the established labels of its time. It is the birthplace of icons such as “The King Of Pop” Michael Jackson.

So when it was announced that Jennifer Lopez of Latino descent was going to be the artist to do the honors of celebrating the company it caused some people to roll their eyes. The internet from the jump has not been too kind of this idea.


What makes matters worse is that it’s Black History Month and to some it feels like a slap in the face for the Grammy committee to present Lopez in this manner. 


Not everyone is negative about her performance and it can’t be denied she has made people pay attention and maybe that is what is most important for this groundbreaking music label. 


If nothing else could be taken away from this tribute is that Jennifer Lopez most likely had a dream come true as representing her legends she grew up on as a little girl from New York.