Did Kawhi Leonard’s Sister Make Controversial Statement?

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The city of Toronto has a new sense of pride when it comes to their city and how it is viewed in the world of the NBA. The downtown scene has decorated its biggest billboard with a larger than life picture of Kawhi Leonard only a day after winning the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

The Raptors fans and the city has always embraced for the worse from their sports teams when it comes to the playoff season due to past disappoints(many due to the greatness of Lebron James dominating the East prior to his move to Los Angeles).

Kawhi Leonard also a native from LA, gave the city of Toronto a message last night to just enjoy the moment. That moment was ruined allegedly when Leonard’s sister gave a taunting message that Kawhi Leonard was not returning to the Raptors after this season or so was initially reported.

What also was interesting is that it was tweeted by a Lakers fan. There has been rumblings that Lebron James is secretly trying to form a super team once again and that Kawhi Leonard is a prospect that is being looked at since he has only a one year contract with Toronto. This has caused fans online for weeks making memes that the Los Angeles Lakers will not repeat another year without going to the playoffs because the focus in the off season is to create a super team.

Instagram Meme with Steph Curry About Lebron James

They know darn well that he ain’t gonna be there next year,” the voice can be heard saying.

“He Ain’t Gonna Be There Next Year”


The above tweet was taken from an Instagram story that was published on her account, but it has now been removed. The audio is still online via the Twitter account above. Some outlets have reported that it was his sister who made the comments, but it was actually another family member in the background during a family get together.

Whether or not this is true, Kawhi Leonard is definitely focused on his job to win the Toronto Raptors the NBA Title. For now, the city of Toronto has the best chance in its history of becoming the kings of the NBA and no sour tweet will stop the momentum that Toronto is currently on.

The team has won four straight games and they did so against the team with the best record of 2019. The team is gearing up for May 30th in Toronto to host the NBA Finals Game 1.