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Did Lil’ Kim Pass The Brooklyn Torch To Lola Brooke Per TMZ?

In this video, Brooklyn Tea Talk, reacts to TMZ proclaiming the Queen Bee, Lil Kim passing the torch to Lola Brooke during an Apollo performance recently.


Not touting her own horn, but Brooklyn says she called it in a previous Tea Talk. She also speaks on how Remy Ma was the original cute gangsta rapper for women from New York.

In recent news, rumors have been swirling around regarding whether or not Lil’ Kim has passed the Brooklyn torch to Lola Brooke. The speculation comes after a recent post by TMZ on their social media account, which showed Lil’ Kim and Lola Brooke performing together on stage, with the caption “Did Lil’ Kim pass the Brooklyn torch to Lola Brooke?”


Lil’ Kim, born Kimberly Denise Jones, is a legendary rapper and singer from Brooklyn, New York. She rose to fame in the 1990s with her debut album “Hard Core,” which was certified double platinum by the RIAA. She has since released numerous hit albums and singles, and is considered one of the most influential female rappers of all time.

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Lola Brooke, on the other hand, is a rising star in the Brooklyn hip-hop scene. She has been making waves with her unique sound and style, and has been gaining a following with her mixtapes and singles.

So, did Lil’ Kim pass the Brooklyn torch to Lola Brooke? The answer is not entirely clear. While the two artists did perform together on stage, and Lil’ Kim has been known to support up-and-coming artists from Brooklyn, there has been no official statement or confirmation from either artist regarding a torch being passed.


It is important to note that passing the torch is not an official title or award, but rather a symbolic gesture of recognition and respect. In hip-hop culture, it is a way for established artists to acknowledge and support the next generation of talent. Many artists have been said to have passed the torch to others throughout the years, but it is ultimately up to the fans and industry insiders to decide who the true torchbearers are.

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In any case, it is clear that Lola Brooke has a promising future in the music industry, and her connection to Lil’ Kim and the Brooklyn hip-hop scene can only help her gain more recognition and opportunities. Lil’ Kim has been a trailblazer for female rappers and artists from Brooklyn, and her support and guidance can only benefit the next generation of talent.

In conclusion, while it is not confirmed whether or not Lil’ Kim passed the Brooklyn torch to Lola Brooke, the speculation and attention surrounding the topic shows the importance of recognizing and supporting up-and-coming artists. The hip-hop industry is constantly evolving, and it is up to the fans and artists to keep the torch burning bright for future generations.